Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Announcing my new blog: Skill Train India

I am glad to announce the launch of my new blog titled: Skill Train India

I have been thinking about starting this blog for a long time. After closely working with learners ranging from school dropouts to working professionals, I felt that there is a strong need for a guiding light that could help learners from all walks of life clear the dense fog of the career maze. I am starting this blog today, to purely address this need.

Do I know enough to offer career guidance? I don't claim to know it all! But, I am going to count on many of you - my mentors, my teachers, my colleagues (and ex-colleagues), my batch-mates, my friends, my family and my students - to make this blog a meaningful one for those who need career guidance. I envision this blog to be a dialogue of sorts between those who have 'been there, done that' and those who 'want to be there and do that'! For all those who wanted to contribute towards helping me in my educational social entrepreneurship assignments, I appeal to you to share your thoughts on this blog. You never know - one statement of yours on this blog can probably have a profound life-changing impact on some student somewhere in the world. 

Every day, I intend to post a guidance note. I would like to call each one a lamp post! I intend each lamp post to dispel some darkness related to career. Initially, I would keep them focused on undergraduate & post graduate students but subsequently, I intend to include early career guidance to working professionals too. If you find the lamp posts useful or if you feel that these lamp posts can dispel the darkness caused by career confusion in somebody's life, I earnestly urge you to share them freely. You never know - one 'share' (be it facebook, linkedin, google + or digg) from you can make a world of difference to some student.

Comments and feedback are always welcome. But what I would like to see more of is contradicting view points. There are no right or wrong answers in this world. Everything depends on the perspective in which you see an incidence. I am not here to claim what I know or profess to be the only solution. What I am writing here is based purely on my personal experiences and hence based on a particular perspective. I firmly believe that there are other perspectives too and I urge you to share these contradictions openly. You never know - one contradicting view point from you can offer a better choice to some student.

I dedicate this blog as a step towards achieving one of my dreams - a dream to see a truly skilled India where everyone chooses a career out of passion rather than of compulsion; because only then can excellence become a habit in this truly disruptive age! I dedicate this blog to building a skilled nation!

Are you with me in this nation building exercise?

Click here to visit the Skill Train India Blog


  1. Hi Ganesh,
    Read the extract from your blog- "a dream to see a truly skilled India where everyone chooses a career out of passion rather than of compulsion; "
    Sitting here in US, I feel it is a herculean task but still this needs to be addressed upfront in India.
    Please do correct me, if i am thinking on different lines...but isn't the choice of education and career/skill linked to our economic condition to a large extent and social condition also.... The change is happening in India too, people are experimenting, trying to go to un chartered waters....the notion of only three professions has diluted...
    but still how many of us are exposed to options...At the end of the day...we dont have the education infrastructure to support us for higher or highly specialized education..and this cant be built in one day.
    Keeping in mind the size, population and diversity of our nation, how can one possibly achieve the dream expressed by you...
    what can one think of the solution and then how to implement it and from where to start is the prime question that comes into my mind....

    I might have asked a lot of questions...but i ponder on these very often...more so now, when i compare the education across two countries.
    Kindly throw some light on what is ur plan

  2. Hi Manpreet,

    Your question is the classic question of which came first - the chicken or the egg. You are right in stating that educational choices mostly depend on the economic situation of the country. I completely agree with you. However, again as you have rightly stated, people are experimenting with careers. When a few people choose a radically different career and become successful in it, the floodgates open with many more wanting to join the bandwagon. When the demand increases, educational infrastructure will also fall in place. But all of this can be achieved only if we start dreaming about them; only if start talking about them; only if we start believing that they will happen; only when we become the change we want to see.

    The younger generation is a much more connected generation than ever before thanks to digital communication technologies. They are also a generation that is exposed to everything that goes on around the world. They are also not restricted by the career options offered in their home country; they look at career options in a global economy since a global career is no more a distant dream. For them the world is an oyster and no dream impossible. The only thing they need is a little guidance and direction; you can count on me to provide that!

  3. Hey I completely loved this part of your post …………….step towards achieving a dream to see a truly skilled India where everyone chooses a career out of passion rather than of compulsion; because only then can excellence become a habit in this truly disruptive age!

    This is quite a big disease (as I would call it) in India ------compulsion to select career. This applies to all rich/ mddle-class/ poor families. Every where there is compulsion to select the career which is in trend or inherited from family or else which would be high paying; irrespective of the fact whether you are interested in it or not.

    This needs to be changed and thanks for taking an initiative to achieve this.

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