Thursday, December 1, 2011

Why this Kolaveri?

Alright! I know this song is a rage across audiences and I am no exception to that! But what prompted me to write a post is the use of this song for education!

Frankly speaking, I wouldn't have imagined anything distantly educative about this song. Incidentally, I am taking my GRE tomorrow and was browsing through websites that could help build my vocabulary, albeit temporarily for a day and I landed on this video link through one of the online learning sites. Take a look!

For those who are now keen on taking the test to see if you have learnt any of the words flashed in-between, please visit I took the test and did pretty well and I am sure most of you would score well too.

What impressed me about this was the ability of a seemingly simple song to make a deep impact on one's learning. This way of learning is much more immersive and interesting thereby ensuring higher retention. It is not just about the song but also about the creativity of the person who was able to visualize an educative way to use this song. Hats off to this effort! 

For now, let me enjoy the learning and the music! Going forward, let there be more educative and immersive kolaveris!

Note: The videos, songs, lyrics are the respective copyrights of the respective parties. I do not claim any copyright over any of these!


  1. Hello Ganesh!

    We are thrilled to know that you enjoyed this way of learning GRE vocabulary! That is exactly what we wanted to achieve when we set out creating this video.

    On behalf of the entire team that worked on this vidoe, I would like to thank you for blogging about it!

    We promise to come back with more :)

    Best wishes for your GRE tomorrow!
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  2. interesting post Ganesha... i am still trying to figure out why this song is such a rage.. but it is...

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