Sunday, June 21, 2009

Welcome to 'My experiments with education!'


Let me start my bloggin with a small introduction about myself!

My name is Ganesh. A teacher by passion and an educationist by profession, I have been successful on both counts during my corporate career spanning more than 8 years. Academically, I am a commerce graduate with an MBA in Finance and Marketing from XIM Bhubaneswar. I have been a successful educational projects manager with organizations such as Reliance Webstores, Everonn Systems and my almamater XIM Bhubaneswar where I have worked towards launching innovative technology enabled educational models. In my last assignment with CRISIL, I have been awarded and recognized globally for creating an innovative talent augmentation pipeline through a unique work and study programme. I am also an expert in managing both small and large educational institution operations and have successfully managed the operations of IMS Learning Centre in Chennai. A brief research stint with McKinsey Knowledge Centre and a sales stint with Johnson & Johnson have provided me with a strong research and marketing orientation in all my assignments till date. I am an avid reader and a guest faculty on marketing and finance to some of the business schools across the country.

In the last few months I have been working on setting up vocational technical education centres across Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh in Central India. This required me to travel the length and breadh of these two states and put me face to face with many interesting, intriguing, shocking revelations that I have ever faced in my life. These revelations are not just related to education but with life, morality, ethics, systems, culture, people and so on. After a couple of perspective changing instances, I now have the urge to share my thoughts on these revelations with the world at large. The result is this blog.

I decided to call my blog as 'My experiments with education' since I always consider myself a researcher trying out new experiments in education with the hope that one day I would scream out 'Eureka!' loudly on having changed something or having discovered something in education, that can have a lasting impact on not just education, but humanity as a whole!

The thoughts I have posted here are purely personal and are based on my experiences. I look forward to your feedback, comments, suggestions on all my experiments!

Welcome, once again, to 'My experiments with education'! I trust you will enjoy this journey as much as I enjoy!

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